Wish You Were Here: Tokyo Disneyland

I’ve mentioned before that I am a huge (and let me emphasize HUGE) Disney fan. I know almost every song to every movie, I watch them religiously and honestly I just love everything Disney related. I have been to Disneyland in California once, and Disney World once as well, and they were some of the…

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Delicious Greek Yogurt Banana Bread

Back when I worked as a server, I would go to Starbucks pretty much before every shift and get a drink plus a slice of banana bread. I always kept it on me and would eat it throughout my shift so I wouldn’t die of hunger (because if you’ve ever worked in the service industry…

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My Transitional Fall Outfit

I think like every person in the human race, Fall is my absolute favorite season. It starts right before my birthday, has the best candle scents (I’m a complete sucker for cinnamon and pumpkin ANYTHING), and just has the cutest outfit ideas. But truth be told, I’ve never experienced a true Fall season because well…

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